Marking the beginning of a strictly sexual relationship with someone.

Marking the beginning of a No Strings Attached relationship with someone.
Question: “You wanna be my side piece?”

Answer: “Yes! Let’s celebrate this moment with inaugural sex
by Filipino Freak October 2, 2020
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The feeling of sadness that many people experience after the political climax of the inauguration of the president of their choice.
Psychiatrist: Tell me why you asked to see me today, Ms.___.
Patient: Because I feel really, really, really sad - kind of drained and empty. When Barack was President-Erect - I mean, Elect - I felt soooooo great, but now all I can think of is my crappy job, my bills ... depressing stuff like that ...
Psychiatrist: Ah, yes, a classic case of post-inaugural depression. I notice that you first said "President Erect" .... Why do you think that was ....
Etc., etc..
by ring-tailed roarer January 21, 2009
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Day were (in 2004) George Bush makes Washington DC pay lots of money just so he can make a speech nobody will remember.
I live in the DC area, I hate to see when the taxes rise so the place can pay off the damn inauguration day.
by Ozone January 20, 2005
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The most awesome experience that could possibly be documented by a group of college students hoping to go on a heady road trip. An African-American president was sworn in and about one gozillion people half froze in the streets for hours to support him. There was strugglin', strivin', throbbin', and thrivin', but yeah, everyone was survivin'.
Remember when we went to presidential inauguration 2009 and Barack Obama said "Yes we can!"?
by DJ Jew Beats March 13, 2009
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