3 definitions by DJ Jew Beats

The most awesome experience that could possibly be documented by a group of college students hoping to go on a heady road trip. An African-American president was sworn in and about one gozillion people half froze in the streets for hours to support him. There was strugglin', strivin', throbbin', and thrivin', but yeah, everyone was survivin'.
Remember when we went to presidential inauguration 2009 and Barack Obama said "Yes we can!"?
by DJ Jew Beats March 13, 2009
Sometimes, after a blunt on top of a mountain, during a great stretch of road trip, or when a nice fine booty walks by during your lunch, you just have to say: I love America.
When I went to Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration 2009 it made me think of how much I love America.
by DJ Jew Beats March 13, 2009
The opposite side of the spectrum from class, yet no less valid. James Bond is class, with a slick haircut, a shaken martini, and a gold watch. Jimbo the karaoke king is anticlass. He's got a mullet, a Miller High Life (champagne of beers, come on!) and an Indiglo from Wal-mart. To Jimbo's constituency, his brand of class (anticlass) is just as great as James Bond's peers find his classic form.
I brought a 40oz Old English to the party last night and felt the poster child of anticlass.
by DJ Jew Beats March 13, 2009