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The feeling of sadness that many people experience after the political climax of the inauguration of the president of their choice.
Psychiatrist: Tell me why you asked to see me today, Ms.___.
Patient: Because I feel really, really, really sad - kind of drained and empty. When Barack was President-Erect - I mean, Elect - I felt soooooo great, but now all I can think of is my crappy job, my bills ... depressing stuff like that ...
Psychiatrist: Ah, yes, a classic case of post-inaugural depression. I notice that you first said "President Erect" .... Why do you think that was ....
Etc., etc..
by ring-tailed roarer January 21, 2009
Someone who does not believe in global warming.
He: So Bob's not going to hear Al Gore speak this evening?
She: No, he thinks all the talk of global warming is crap - he's a thermoskeptic.
by ring-tailed roarer December 10, 2009
Having energetic and very noisy sex.
She: Wow, the people in the room next to us are really going at it! You can probably hear them in the lobby.

He: Yep, they're sure making the wild ox moan!
by ring-tailed roarer March 20, 2010
A woman who is sexually attractive enough to cause an erection -- make the rhubarb grow -- just by looking at her.
Guy: Wow, that girl is HOT!
Friend: Yep, she's a real rhubarb-forcer!
by ring-tailed roarer April 11, 2014
Two shots and a splash of water.
Guy: I feel gooooood ... I think I'll have a mixed drink this evening.

Bartender: What would you like?

Guy: I dunno ... something new and interesting ...

Bartender: How about an Osama Bin Laden Cocktail?

Guy: What's that?

Bartender: Two shots and a splash of water.

Guy: That's good! Yeah, great .... I'll have an Osama Bin Laden.
by ring-tailed roarer June 4, 2011
Buying food only from the outside edge of the supermarket, where the fresh produce, milk, juice, etc. are displayed, in order to minimize the purchase of packaged products and to maximize eating healthy
He: Your boyfriend's really into ecology these days!
She: Yeah, he's even into outside-edge shopping?
He: Meaning?
She: He only buys stuff that is displayed around the outside edge of the supermarket because he thinks it's ecologically less damaging than the rest of the stuff there -- and better for you.
He: Neat!
by ring-tailed roarer April 27, 2010
With ironic, or not, reference to the rhetorical skills and intellectual abilities of Barrack Obama, a person who boasts about their ideas and accomplishments. Depending on the context, the term is used ironically to contrast the "oboomer" with Obama, or to suggest that Obama is himself an "oboomer."
Bob never stops yapping about the great things he has done, and and is going to do. He thinks he is soooo smart.
Yeah, he's a real oboomer.
by ring-tailed roarer January 17, 2009