Staying up hours and hours thinking of them, and when you finally fall asleep, you dream of them; wishing that they could be with you everytime; getting in trouble with parents and cops for them; being GLADLY willing to die for them.
I can't do this anymore Bob, I'm in love with Joe.
by sexychicken May 24, 2005
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Loving absolutely everything about a certain person. Wanting to spend the rest of your life with the person who means the world to you.

Having arguements, but always fixing it in the end.

Not knowing how to show that person exactly how much you love them because words and actions cannot show them how much you actually love them.
crazy in love, with the most amazing girl in the world.

Staring into their eyes and thinking they're so gorgeous
by Her boy <3 January 13, 2013
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Loving the person despite their faults, wanting to remain with them for the rest of your life.

Being in love does NOT consist of
"Brittany~N~Chris! 4 months, 2 days! -- I'm in love with Chris, but I like someone else" (Real MSN name)

It also does not consist of dating someone for 10 minutes, then posting everywhere how you love that person, or how long you've been dating.

See infatuation
Sarah: Dana, guess what!
Dana: What?
Sarah: I totally just dropped Josh and went for Luke!
Dana: That's great, Sarah!
Sarah: Yeah, well I've gotta go.

| --- Sarah has went away at X time --- |
I love Luke with all my heart! he's my one and only!
ugh, I think I'm in love.
<3 10 minutes.
by Pinch Harmonics July 24, 2006
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When your completly head over heals with the person that you love...one of the best feelings a person can expieriance.
im so inlove with you!
by Bellaboy September 19, 2006
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to be inlove is to have no word exact word to express how you feel .you kant stop thinking of the person ..you always miss the person and you kant stop thinking of the person . you just dont want to lose the person and want them in your life for ever... being inlove is thee greatest feeling you kan ever come across!!! <3
nancy :guess what?
juan :what?
nancy :im inlove wiff you
juan :really? well guess what?
nancy: what?
juan: im inlove wiff you too!
by BUBULOVE20 September 21, 2011
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Being with someone for more than 6 months, and knowing that's who you want to spend the rest of forever with. Why 6 months? Because in that time period, You have known the individual long enough to get to know them for who they really are and what they believe in; in which time you develop deep feelings for them as far as caring about their wellbeing and wanting to constantly be with them.
They have been dating for more than 15 months, they can honestly say that they're in-love.
by lawlololol April 11, 2011
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