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Glitchcore is a vaguely defined electronic music style that incorperates elements of Drum and Bass, "IDM", Hardcore Techno, House, Speedcore, Illbient, Ambient, Industrial, and Jungle music. Glitchcore's drums are often very fast and the bass is often very deep and powerful. Glitchcore is most similar to Breakcore for they share many similar qualities, but Glitchcore's signature element is the CD-Skipping/Television static/Electronic Mistake type of audio.

Some of the most influecial artists of Glitchcore are the Venetian Snares and DJ Scud. The Glitchcore sound originated in the mid-1990s as Darkcore music was branching into many styles such as Techstep, Darkstep and Noize.
Man, Glitchcore raves hurt my ears, but I love it.
by Igor Rabovsky February 23, 2005
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