Most beautiful To be strong . out going .very sexual and high key petty , super bitch!
Its Nicha ! she is just like Regina George
by Nichaa March 14, 2017
A pseudo-derogatory racial nomanclature for someone of semitic descent. Intended to sound like a hebrew/yiddish/arabic pronounciation of the slang word nigga - used in the same context; often as a term of endearment between individuals belonging to that demographic.
Shalom/Salaam, my nicha!
by The MillerDave August 7, 2006
Nicha Yontararak, is a Thai singer, songwriter and actress, using the stage name “Minnie”. She is a member in the South Korean girl group (G)I-dle. She’s written lyrics, helped produced and sung in different BANGERS such as “Oh my god”, “Lion” and many more. She also made her acting debut in a sitcom on Netflix, titled “So Not Worth It”.
Person1: Hey, have you heard about Nicha Yontararak?
Person2: No? Who is that?
Person1: She’s this AMAZING singer, from this group called (G)I-dle

Person2: Geeez, I guess I’ll check them out, bro
by Brunostfeels July 18, 2021