a font style where the writing is slanted to the right; frequently used when responding with extra emotion.
He called me "kiddo," so I texted him back in italics and threatened his collection of basketball jerseys.
by Tyrified August 15, 2009
tall ass bitches. when I say tall I mean it. she a thot. and her name ain’t Esmeralda
Ital just broke up with her nigga and got with another one within minutes.
by Omgggggggffgggffffff April 1, 2018
Something absurdly overused on TVTropes.org
by Roth Vantage January 5, 2013
a cigar, blunt, philly. Used by the infamous "Team Ital"
boydy- "you wanna go to the hill and get some itals?"
josh- "you bet your sweet ass i do"
by Oyler April 11, 2008