embarrased; ashamed; you get it...
would you be abashed if your private parts were flashed, while your fly was unzipped, and your underwear was ripped?

If to yourself your true, the answer is, of course wouldn't you?
by vocabfreak February 23, 2005
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A forever commitment of love between two souls. Unlike other words that can not describe the essence of love, this simple word is portrayed as giving your very being as devoting yourself to that person, forever more. 2. The strength and courage to risk everything for another. 3. To surrender ones self to be with another, giving up your past for your future.
She abashe her old life to join with her husband.
by JohnInTexas April 10, 2010
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1. (verb) to hit something real hard or a hit
John abashed the quarterback into the cold, hard, ground
by Chris LaRocca April 5, 2008
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When someone is purposely trying to embarrass you, they are being abashful.
by Etha7 September 7, 2010
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