The android with the nicest ass in all of fictional and real history
2B's ass has more than 300k polygons, which is more than all of Ocarina of Time.
by PomuHub September 7, 2021
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a female character from nier automata with the thiccest ass I've ever seen
by Penisfuck69 February 21, 2023
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Another way of saying its cute, or wholesome, especially with people who are wholesome as hell.
OMG they are sooooooo 2B, i'd kill to be them right now!!
by ThomasTheCatLover07 July 3, 2020
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The most beautiful and considerate person ever. While they may have their quirks they in the end are always worrying about you. You may not realize it but they can't stop overthinking the small things. If your in a relationship with a 2B make sure to take care of them.
Oh my god are you with 2B?
Yeah I am ( :
by Thesecretbee December 8, 2021
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Boring & Broke, describes when someone is lazy as well as not having enough money at the same time.
I stopped that innovative project because i was 2B
What? , are you 2B to let that chance slip away?
by ruwpush December 25, 2018
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a line in the play Hamlet made famous by the William Shakespeare but converted into a worm which lazy people, Tweeters, texters, and internet hooligans can read
2b or not 2b
by Harrison Kion March 9, 2012
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A second pair of boxers/underwear you keep in the car just in case something goes wrong...
I tried to drop a bomb near Eric's desk today after lunch and I accidentally squeezed a little out. It's a good thing I had my 2B's in my car, or I would have had to cancel dinner tonight with Angie.
by Dan Sharfin November 7, 2006
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