IRRATABLE MALE SYNDROME....(PMS 4 guyz without blood or pain....just the crankiness,cursing n all the other SWEARING SHIZ!)
by andrew paik July 10, 2003
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PMS for guys
Julius has been cranky the last couple of days. He must be IMS'ing.
by the WIZARD of OZ November 24, 2003
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a place where turbo two cam people like to be tough, yet feminine enough to play with twigs and berries in "teh" shoutbox. bashing everyone who enters the site unless they have something they want.
"hey, i see you drive an integra!, looks just like every other one in town, will you lick my ass now?" "we are a higher website, dedicated to idaho's motorsports, yet we hardly discuss cars, mostly, we talk about how much sand is in our vagina's and see who can be the biggest e-thug and turn into a bunch of pussies when it is time to do battle" "WE ARE IMS, IMMATURE MEN SUCKINGDICKALLDAY"
by noturbonocam July 18, 2009
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Stands for - "I'm not sure"

Usually used in text.
- Originated from Ben.
by fabcab69 January 12, 2017
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John: Like my sig?
Fred: It's kind of ugly ims
by DeadlyShort June 24, 2004
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short form of 'i am sleepy'
ims, don't ask me to go out.
by chuen February 14, 2005
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Internet contraction for In My Experience; Used to explain a statement that is based upon the life of, or the experiences of the speaker. More forceful than YMMV.
NooB:"So are the rules broken in this example of play?"
CovertWalrus:"IME the rules work fine even if they slow down the game a bit. But YMMV, some people think so."
by D F Stuckey November 11, 2004
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