POTUS means President Of The United States.
IMPOTUS means President Donald Trump after Impeachment!
The Trumpster is more of an IMPOTENT IMPOTUS President now that Impeachment has commenced!
by BOOA December 20, 2019
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An IMpeached President Of The United States. A title of shame, disgrace, and limpness. The title IMPOTUS, once bestowed, is an irremovable stain that will last for all time. An IMPOTUS is a type of cuck.
The IMPOTUS ranted and raved on Twitter, but Nancy Pelosi knew she had his tiny little balls in a vice.
by Trumplstiltskin December 21, 2019
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An elected official in the highest office incapable of even the most basic duties of governing including but not limited to a terrible defeat as an incumbent in subsequent elections
That mango Mussolini was an ImPOTUS from the get go. Couldn’t pass any legislation, had a crush on his daughter and got blown away in the reelection bid.
by ZAB September 27, 2021
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