3 definitions by Iccingdeath

An annoying bow spammer who no lifes cosmic and gets ganked constantly.
Savage- Stop doing an Iccingdeath and fight me normally.
by Iccingdeath June 10, 2020
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A random faction ran by a person named Cyro who used to be a complete random until he became staff on a server called syn hcf they aspire to be #1 on cosmic however they will never be.
Random person- Have you heard of the clan implicit?
Smart people- Yeah they are complete idiots.
by Iccingdeath June 23, 2020
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A Minecraft Player In the Bedrock Edition Who rages 10 times in a second and is ranked number 3 on top deaths on SynHCF the worst hcf server.
Sav: Hey ItsMikilol do you wanna play syn?
Zwag: jajajajajajaj
Miki: I died again this server sucks
by Iccingdeath June 10, 2020
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