Immo is the name of a person who is cool and handsome, they typically are nice and care for everyone who surrounds them, be like an immo.
person 1 Immo is so cool and nice person 2 i know, right?
by laborous February 2, 2021
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imitation, particularly with reference to bootleg or counterfeit items
I went to buy Mighty Beanz at the store, but they only had immo ones.
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The English slang word for an illegal immigrant, which is a lower lifeform spawned from Asia or Eastern Europe. Usually gathering in large groups in City Centres.
English Person 1- I hate those immos, always stealing our jobs.

English Person 2- What kind of job do u want?! A street cleaner.

Immo- *insert asian language here*
by TallGuyThatIsTall June 23, 2006
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immos stands for "I miss my old self"
"Hey dude! what do you miss about ur childhood?" "oh, immos"
by dxdjsx July 15, 2021
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1. Going out of your way and intentionally making up false things to annoy people

2.Dodge women from fear of losing or making friendship awkward
I really want to ask out this girl but im having immo syndrome thoughts
by Rezh February 9, 2021
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A declaration that you intend to have sex with a person that you are currently observing. Normally the person of intent is not in audible range of this statement and is someone who you do not know or have just met. Immo is a contraction representing the words "I am going to".
See that hot guy over there.... immo get me some!
by TrendMuffin September 9, 2017
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