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immaculate infection getting an STD while swearing you are a virgin, never having sex before.
I must have got that herpes from a toilet seat, 'cause I never did the nasty before. She has an immaculate infection. And behold, Gabriel came down, and said fear not, I bring you tidings of a great burning, and you shall be a curse onto all men that sleep with you henceforth. And they shall call you dirty.
by St. Mary December 31, 2005
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Contracting HIV/AIDS, herpes or any other STD while celibate.
Vagenda was shocked to hear from the nurse at the free clinic that she done got herself da clap again, even though she ain't been giving it up for no one, no how, for quite some time. Unfortunately, no one bought her Immaculate Infection explanation, not even her minister.
by Asphyxia 8 Mile April 26, 2009
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married heterosexual couples who claim they have no idea how they became infected with HIV
Jim and Jane have been together for 12 years and just found out they are both HIV positive. Both say they have no idea how they got it; it must have been an Immaculate Infection.
by that chick! April 28, 2010
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