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The lack of knowledge of the location of the clitoris.
Also related to lack of sexual experience.
Hey man, are you illcliterate??

I couldn't believe my date last night was illcliterate! It really did ruin the mood.
by Libbs January 30, 2007
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Someone who doesn't know how to give orgasms to a girl.
Boy: Did you reach your orgasm?
Girl: No, because you're ill-cliterate.
by Patrick Bateman's fan June 18, 2010
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An adjective to describe someone who cannot sexually please a woman. A play on the word "illiterate".
"Yeah, we went out for a while, but he was totally illcliterate."
by Ericatheprincess September 15, 2014
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1. The inability to read or write any word relating to the female genitalia.
2. Dan Cupps attempting to humiliate a person he believes experiences the inability to stimulate a clitoris properly.
The illcliterate man had not properly satisfied a clitorous that one time.
by Daniel Lewis Cupps October 07, 2009
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