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short for idiot, generally a weak minded person. usually said with comic sensibility.
dude, you are such an igit. (after which everyone hopefully laughs.)
by jonvon November 11, 2003
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"Igit" defines an individual who seems stupid, but has great potential.
"Mary, don't be such an igit! You can do better than that!"
Mary: "I'm not an igit! I'm trying my best!
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by FoofNood July 23, 2017
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Short of Igiot, which is just a play word for idiot.
Erin Coulsby is an igit. (actually she's an Igiot, but it's basically the same)
by RICK! March 30, 2005
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a very wet shit. when someone has diarrhea the shit that comes out of him is igit.
Oh my, I ate too much bad food last night, now I am having a diarrhea and I defecate lots of igit every 10 minutes.
by Pastilan April 23, 2011
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