The vile and somewhat reptilian Aunt of the Mighty IG
She lives in the Farmont Banff Springs Hotel.
Seldom seen, Disgustingly rich.
IGA was once seen peering from her window and the masses below, she is a nasty & mean old hag.
by Father L. Church of Ig June 9, 2006
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A local grociery store; Shit place being outed by Wal-mart;
Whore house with treats; Store people can buy any food and catch any disease at the same time
I'm sick, that food I bought from IGA is killing me.

I got laid last night. I just flashed a Twenty in front of a cashier from IGA and got lucky.

Uhh... Doctor, I got this rash and don't know how I got it.
Doctor Replies: Well, did you go to the IGA?
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Yo nukka jian iggle be closed so im bout to roll up to nemmenziga(nemenz iga).

Eyy nukka dat nemmenziga produce gave me da shits.
by Robert Carbon February 7, 2008
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When a girl has an hobby for Hunting bigfoot and she runs in the woods and trips
Oh fuck man i saw that girl in our class do the dirty Iga
by October 8, 2020
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The feeling that a person gets when they are very close to graduating from their undergraduate/ graduate/ doctoral /advanced field of study degrees.

It is characterized by having no motivation to complete your assignments or study for your labs/exams, or invest any effort at all whatsoever in the remainder of your course work simply due to the fact that you are SO CLOSE to being done.
N: "Oh man, I'm so close to being done my undergraduate degree! I have only two assignments left, but I don't want to do them. Why God Why?!"
D: "You, my friend, have Imminent Graduation Apathy (IGA)"
N: "What's IGA?"
D: Imminent Graduation Apathy. You lack any motivation to invest any effort in the remainder of your course work, given that you are so close to being done.
N: You're right, I do have IGA. Why do I have to get it now, right when I'm so close to being done undergraduate?
D: *Sigh* Such is the way of IGA. It is a disease, like chickenpox. There is no escaping it. Everyone must get it at some point in their lives.
by Jos Louis April 4, 2013
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iga is a disgusting name to call your child. if you ever meet an iga make sure to talk about how unlucky she is in relationships and how she steals everyone’s man within a second of knowing him. she is gorgeous, but she will ruin your life and when you get on her toxic side she will hit you by a bus.
“ hey iga! you look great today “ - boy
“ ew your ugly! anyways let me get back to being a pick me girl! “ girl
by meliosunknown August 5, 2021
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