5 definitions by meliosunknown

iga is a disgusting name to call your child. if you ever meet an iga make sure to talk about how unlucky she is in relationships and how she steals everyone’s man within a second of knowing him. she is gorgeous, but she will ruin your life and when you get on her toxic side she will hit you by a bus.
“ hey iga! you look great today “ - boy
“ ew your ugly! anyways let me get back to being a pick me girl! “ girl
by meliosunknown August 5, 2021
same as benchod, but probably more of a easier spelling
“ you bloody benchard “
“ did you mean bhenchod ?
by meliosunknown February 27, 2022
Liza is the most beautiful girl name to ever be owned. it is always owned by the most gorgeous and spontaneous females. if you ever hurt one you need help. she is the sweetest cutest little being to ever live on planet earth. i love her so fucking much
boy 1: hey do you know where liza went?
boy 2: yeah, she went to the beautiful beach just like her
by meliosunknown April 18, 2021
the person you’d die for. a hot handsome masculine you’ll ever meet. he treats you like a princess and loves you dearly. if he has a gf, make sure that you steal him away from her!!
“ hey isn’t that kaire?” girl 1
“ yes omg he’s so hot!!” girl 2
he has a girlfriend.” girl 3
“someone summoned me??” iga
by meliosunknown August 5, 2021