when you meant someone online/the internet and you develop a crush on them
Nick- Hey Asa, do you like that dude Jaysen you keep talking about?

Asa- yeah haha, hes my IFC, my internet friend crush, ahah.
by bbg_daddyj August 12, 2017
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An abbreviation referring to an AFK Arena hero named Maetria, the “Insane Fire Cunt”. After initially seeming to be a useless third version of Talene, the IFC dies and is reborn to wreck your shit up in a spectacular Jean Grey like fashion. You would have a better chance of surviving after killing John Wicks dog than killing IFC’s team mates, stay away at all costs.
Did you see that IFC blow my shit up.
by enJERneer April 4, 2023
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short for Iowa Fuckin' City.
I'm going to IFC this weekend. I can't wait to black out!
by hawkeyegurl319 January 28, 2011
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The pitiful attempt on iTunes part to censor "JFC" on the Acacia Strain's album "Continent."
Random Guy: "JFC is so brutal!"

iTunes Man: "Uh-uh, thats IFC."
by taylorNC March 22, 2009
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IFC stands for International Finance Centre
A prominent landmark on Hong Kong Island, IFC consists of two skyscrapers, the IFC Mall, and the 55-storey Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Tower 2 is the tallest building in Hong Kong, a title formerly held by Central Plaza. It is the third-tallest building in the Greater China region and the seventh-tallest office building in the world, based on structural heights; by roof height, only the Taipei 101, Shanghai World Financial Center, Willis Tower, and Burj Khalifa exceed it. It is of similar height to the former World Trade Center. The International Commerce Centre, currently under construction above the MTR Kowloon station and scheduled for completion in 2010, will surpass 2IFC in each of these categories.

IFC was constructed and is owned by IFC Development, a consortium of Sun Hung Kai Properties, Henderson Land and Towngas.


Antenna or spire 415.8 m (1,364.2 ft)
Roof 406.9 m (1,335.0 ft)
Top floor 401.9 m (1,318.6 ft)
Damn what building is that?

It's IFC the tallest building in the coolest city HONG KONG!
by HKdude April 6, 2010
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An International male figure living in the USA (usually a college student) that exerts a dominant influence on the party scene and the women of his campus/city/region. An IFC-kid can often be found on tables at clubs, standing on bars, behind a DJ-booth. Signals of a close-by IFC-kid: the sound of Champagne bottles popping, girls screaming, foreign languages spoken and simultaneously mixed with eachother, loud house music and nice cars.
Damn those IFC-kids, they have about 50 girls drinking from their tables
by IFCboss January 10, 2011
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