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A term used in the diagnosis of idiots by medical professionals. Often associated with people who have no sense of evolution or the evolving of mankind (and womankind) into a higher-functioning being (see also low-IQ and homophobes).
Doctor: "So, Mr. Dope, why are you afraid of homosexuals."
Patient: "Because the bible says they're wrong! It has to be true if the bible and the church say it's wrong! Just like women can't be priests and the sun revolves around the Earth!"
Doctor: "Oooookkkaaaay." (Writing in his chart. Diagnosis: Idiotism)
by Brainiac March 02, 2005
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A group of people that are naturally or stupidly fucking retarded and people that are smarter than them can't help
by polkih dm July 22, 2016
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1. A saying only an idiot, n00b, or fake hacker would use.
1. "OMG your mom!" No one uses this anymore...
by Magnus February 28, 2005
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The art of categorizing people into types of idiots:

type 1: idiot
type 2: half-idiot
type 3: advanced idiot
type 4: part expert idiot
type 5: expert idiot

There is no master idiot type, since it is not technically possible to master idiotism.
- "I mastered idiotism"
- "Idiotism cannot be mastered"
by shamanism September 15, 2018
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