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The appropriate mood when being called a Boomer, just because you're ancient.

A whipper-snapper is a diminutive or insignificant person, especially a sprightly or impertinent youngster.
Galad is such a yippersnappish person. He always replies sardonically to youngsters trying to bite the hand that fed them by saying "Get off my lawn.".
by shamanism February 5, 2022
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Used to address people you care little to nothing about, in a manner, which is polite, yet not truly respectful.
Hey Kind Sir, May I Please Kindly Have Your Bank Account Details?
by shamanism August 23, 2018
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The art of categorizing people into types of idiots:

type 1: idiot
type 2: half-idiot
type 3: advanced idiot
type 4: part expert idiot
type 5: expert idiot

There is no master idiot type, since it is not technically possible to master idiotism.
- "I mastered idiotism"
- "Idiotism cannot be mastered"
by shamanism September 15, 2018
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