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idiotari definati-See previous author's lack of real argument as evidenced by ignorant name calling.
The previous author, "That was pointless", is a ranting tin foil hat wearing moonbat idiotarian in desperate need of several smacks over the head with a so called "clue-by-4" (see definition).
by Dr. Jal Hampson August 18, 2003
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The last 3 definitions are from Idiotarian's morons who argue with other morons over the internet.Also for assholes who try and put a reason where there is none needed.See word "ShitHappends"
This "Idiotarian" thinks Bin Laden and his camel warriors have a reason to kill thousands of innocent people by using jumbo jets.

This other "Idiotarian" blames everything bad that happends on the jew's.

Also goes for Ignorant hiporactic dumb mother fucks.
by BetoTHeDestroyer March 05, 2004
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