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There are three types of people in the world: people who care, people who couldn't care less, and armchair idealists. Armchair idealists are by far the most annoying. These people love to comment and criticise others' appalling behaviour yet refrain from actually moving from their seats and doing something about it. This can commonly apply to issues such as the environment, world peace, starving children, etc.
Armchair idealist, carrying plastic bags in each hand: "You should always use reusable shopping bags!"
by John Wilson 099 February 06, 2008

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A reference to self. Often used to make a point, usually not to good effect.

See also self-reference, self reference, self.
This is an extremely informative and useful sentence.

This is also self reference.
by John Wilson 099 February 05, 2008

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Online collection of highly intelligent smut. See also rectal fist fucking.
Am J Forensic Med Pathol. 1985 Dec;6(4):319-24.
Rectal fist insertion. An unusual form of sexual behavior.
Shook LL, Whittle R, Rose EF.

Rectal fist insertion (fist fucking) is an uncommon and potentially dangerous sexual practice. This is usually a homosexual activity, but can also be a heterosexual or an autoerotic practice. One known death has been reported associated with rectal fist insertion, in which the complications of anal and colonic tears and bleeding had occurred (see Editor's note). The possibility of drug overdose is also probable, as drugs and alcohol are commonly introduced into the rectum to promote sphincter relaxation and to ease the discomfort of anal dilatation.

PMID: 4072987 PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE
by John Wilson 099 February 05, 2008

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