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Short for "I see pee" most likely said in a messy restroom by someone who would pay attention to that.
Could also say
1. I notice urine
2. I observe piss
3. I view piddle
4. I discover weewee
jake: hey ben im in a bathroom now and ICP!!

ben: your retarded
by GuitR November 02, 2006

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When two girls described as emo make out and kiss because they can. This is also not because of publicity and definitely not because they are desperate. They may or may not be bi as this does not matter. The point is emo girls kissing can be just as HOT as emo boys kissing
emo girls kissing is just as hot as emo boys kissing... if you dont agree wtih this then you are sexist
by guitr January 01, 2007

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In where a dude fucks a chick doggy style then after he gets close to climax pulls out and spits on her back, she then turns around thinking its over but he then unleashes his load in her face.
Trever: How did the white phantom go?

Matt: Damn she will be shittin cum for weeks!
by GuitR November 01, 2006

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No dought a good rapper but ruined Linkin Park, should of kept his ass away from one of the greatest bands around! We need more alternative rock bands and less rap, the shit is gettin old fast.
jason: What about Jay-Z?

kalob: That dicksucker turned Linkin Park from kickass alternative rock into bullshit wannabe rap
by GuitR November 02, 2006

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An excellent tasting alcoholic drink with the around the same proof as any ordinary beer but is still degraded by ignorant teens calling it "cheerleader beer" (obviously they think anything hardcore has to taste like shit)
dude1: why is everyone dissin my smirnoff when its the most popular beer at the party?

dude2: dickheads
by GuitR November 02, 2006

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