That big expensive shit Gucci Mane keeps around his neck and sings about. (A skateboarding Bart Simpson.)
"I got a iced out bart where my heart at,

got multi-colored diamond clothing,
shorty it's all that."
-Gucci Mane
by candanman June 22, 2010
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A watch brand named Ap and “iced out” means encrusted with diamonds almost everywhere on the watch costs from 1-1.5 million dollars AUD
Quavo- iced out ap ( ice) -takeoff
by Virgil Abloh January 29, 2018
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for a man or significant other to splurge on a female with diamond jewelry.
i need me a man that can ice me out.
by deeleem December 18, 2018
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To have the drippiest droppiest wettest whitest diamonds, VVS’s, stone, pendent, chain, rings, ect.
Aye bitch my new Rollie is too iced out
by Smokii Redd April 1, 2020
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To have an object lathered in diamonds that appears as if it had been frozen or covered in frost. Mainly used to show wealth
Ayo, check out my iced out Rolex
by TheBadBadger November 8, 2021
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