Ice has two main meanings. Number one is the grammatical term meaning frozen water that is very cold and people find it extremely satisfying to break it on tiktok.
Definition number two is someone can have ice on them. This can mean two things they either actually have ice on them or they have very sparkly jewelry on there wrist such as a rolex with diamonds. You can also have ice on your neck if you have a diamond encrusted necklace or chain.
Man 1- Yo homie your watch is lookin Ice/Iced out.
Man 2- Thanks bro
Women 1- Yo girl that necklace is lookin Ice/Iced out

Women 2- Thanks girlfriend
by Yœőøöõôóòo February 26, 2023
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When somebody lookin fire, extra drippy
My homies Iced out DRIPPY with gucci
by NullN March 10, 2021
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Iced Out True Youngboy is a celebrity on the rise. Iced Out True Youngboy is based on Rap Music and is currently working on the release of Trilogy
by Kalithuania December 17, 2021
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