Also “Individucation” (Adverb) To take a vacation by ones self.
She took an Icartion because her life was too stressful.

An ication is a good way to center oneself.
by Priebester January 27, 2018
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Often confused with domesticated. This term refers to a female who lives with big, hairy, poopy men and cleans up everything in the home. Scrubbing floors, cleaning up pubes, maybe even washing the toilet's poop stains. For some reason they believe that this women of wonders likes cleaning, however she is disgusted and losing sexual desire after seeing the back story behind men. She is not only domesticated, she is do-best-icated.
When a man comes home, sees his female roommate doing the dishes, grabs a new one and starts eating and talking to her while she is doing the work. She is do-best-icated.
by Sunshine1123 January 27, 2013
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Communicating with a friend or acquaintance solely by form of memes
Rachael: “Have you talked to Robert lately?”
Sarah: “Not any serious conversations. We have been commeme-icating daily though!”
by CaptainCutie July 13, 2019
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Another way of saying confused - but with a twist.... it also rhymes with fornicated - some what
by missbe.xx December 07, 2010
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Adjective describing mainly females dressed in posh frocks and heels who teeter around when inebriated acting in anything but a sophisticated manner, despite their apparel.
The girls in ball gowns and high heels were smoking and using lewd language outside the pub and burst out laughing when one of them overbalanced and landed on the pavement, legs in the air in a so-pissed-icated manner
by Chrism June 07, 2013
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