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"In Before Lock". used in gaming forums when a touchy subject matter is brought up, and the thread is going to be closed.
"IBL!! ROOFLES!!!11one"
by frank stank December 03, 2003
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IBLS, otherwise referred to as Instant Boner Loss Syndrome.
IBLS is the physical phenomenon which occurs whenever something completely disturbing or non sexual is brought up during intimate times.

For example:
"Dude, why'd you call me last night? I was in bed with Stacy! Total IBLS!"
by IBLS sufferer February 08, 2010
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Shortening for "I Blame Lag".
Commonly used in online games, as an excuse.
Accuser: We've got a feeder in our team!
Target: IBL.

Guy 1: Dude, you suck at this game.
Guy 2 (Lagging Player): IBL
by NeroInferno October 21, 2012
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Iranian Butt Lizard

This word is used to confuse people who don't know the acronym. It doesn't really mean anything.
1. hey dude, you IBL?
2. What's IBL
1. You look like someone who likes to IBL!
2. Dude WTF are you talking about
by R.Banz October 28, 2010
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New acronym meaning "I belly-laughed," or "I'm belly-laughing," depending on the tense in which it is used. IBL is intended to be used in place of LOL and should only be used when it is truly meant by the sender, in the literal sense, as LOL seems to have lost it's credibility through relentless digital repetition. Therefor I humbly present to you, "IBL."
My cousin forwarded me an internet meme, demanding the revocation of my man card; and IBL. (past tense: I belly-laughed.)

My friend suggested that I look up a sexually explicit youtube video. I replied: "I will dude. When I'm not with gamgams." He replied: "IBL" (present tense: I'm belly-laughing.)
by B. Dolla S. and C. Money G. February 08, 2012
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A middle school in Pacifica, CA. Right next to the ocean. Where kids skip class to get high and surf.
GUY1: "hey dude like where ya goin?"
GUY2: "im gonna go surfing and get high."
GUY1: "but lik class at IBL is starting in lik 3"
GUY2: "Ur point?....."
by Seppie February 01, 2008
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