iWant describes the urge that Apple customers have to be the first to see, touch, buy, own and use Apple products with partial or total disregard for the product's actual market value, total cost of ownership, usefulness in comparison to similar products on the market and/or other important factors that one would normally consider when making a purchasing decision. May be caused exclusively by or by a combination of peer pressure, charismatic leadership, in-vertising and/or viral marketing.

Consumers of with this predisposition are commonly subjected to the Hippy Tax.
Jerry caved in to iWant and bought the iPhone instead of a more practical and functional Smartphone.

James paid a $200 iWant fee when he bought his iPhone on opening day.

It must have been the iWant that made Kerry pay an extra thousand dollars for an aluminum case and an Apple logo on top of a $400 Intel PC.
by Spirit Bear September 9, 2007
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Someone who HAS to buy the latest gadget.
Phil's such an iWant - he's dying to get his hands on that new phone!
by Alixx January 14, 2007
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The fanatical desire for an iPhone. The all consuming ilove for all things Apple and the desire to be iloved back by Apple in return.
I tried to control my iWant as I passed the 59th and 5th Apple glass. My iWant passion was overcome by the reality image, scuffling, shoving, elbowing, pickPodding, what my iPhone's ride on the subway would be.
by Elise Miller June 30, 2007
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