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1) when one realises that they often talk about subjects that are Irrelevant and not often interesting!

2) A waffle manufactured by the company apple! it plays music while you eat breakfast!
If you share your can of coke between more than 5 people the last 5% of your refreshing drink will be made up of pure spit .. and not only this, wtf is up with global warming i mean god its almost as bad as that cake mrs brown made ..... OMG


i'm such an iWaffle .....

totally :|
2) Gangster 1:
do you hear the cleansing sound of hip hop music whilst we partake in out joyous breakfase of Fresh waffles

Gangster 2:
Fo shizzle! what is this magic Brutha!

Gangster 1:
its my new iwaffle, i totally nicked them
from tesco....they play propa up music for our enjoyment while we fill our stomachs with the heavinly taste of waffles ... with syrup.

gangster 2:
I prefere bagles ....

gangster 1: :|
by The original waffle December 10, 2006
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The act of pooping on the keyboard of an open Notebook (or any laptop), then closing the laptop, pressing the feces and giving them a waffle-like texture.
My roommate keeps leaving his alarm on, so I left him an iWaffle before work.
by don'tworryaboutit September 29, 2012
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