Total piece o' shit that nobody should buy because it costs $150 and holds 150 songs and with that much money you could get an ipod video on ebay. fuck ipod shuffles. they break esily too
Shannon: man i fell off my bike yesterday and my stupid ipod shuffle snapped in half!
DCMizzle: Told yuh not to get one retard.
by DCMizzle April 18, 2007
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Not the poor person's iPod! Doesn't go fucked up as easy, you can actually re-create the iPod ads and not fuck the damn thing up, NO ONE WILL ACTUALLY LISTEN TO OVER 1,000 SONGS!! So shut up to all of you who go "It can't store up to 1,000 songs! Its shit!" Nobody fucking listens to that many songs so shut the fuck up, if anyone says its the "poor" person's iPod, then why do I own one!? I'm rich and I could buy 5 Nanos but I prefer the humble shuffle better! Shove it up yo ass sideways and smoke it! I'm not blowing a shitload on some MP3 that after a month will look like a piece of shit cause' of the scratches.
Idiot: "Look! I have the new iPod nano!!!"
Less-of-an-Idiot: "I have an iPod shuffle"
Idiot: "POORBIE!"
Less-of-an-Idiot: "At least mine doesn't look like a cat tried to find crack in it"
by Pissed off December 01, 2005
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Sad excuse for a real iPod. I thought iPod mini's were bad until....iPod shuffle.
"ooo i don't have enough money to buy a real iPod...so i'll buy an iPod shuffle coz they are so cool...and they have the same headphones so no-one will know, and think that im cool enough to have a real one"
by tahnee May 14, 2005
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waste of money... pay the extra $50-100 to get an ipod mini, they hold sooo much more music and they have a lot more options (screen, clock, games, external hard drive, etc), and they're reeeally easy to loose because they're so small. dont buy one.
stupid person: "look, i bought an ipod shuffle! it holds 240 songs and it was only $150!"

smart person: "my iPod mini was $50 more, it holds 1000 songs, and has games on it."

stupid person: "damn..."
by ......n/a...... July 23, 2005
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when someone is listening to thier ipod, you run up behind them and knock them out and drag them somewhere and start to do sweet things to them.......
i let that bitch know wat and ipod shuffle really does......
by p-razz January 14, 2007
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