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"iTunes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"

A rare disorder that develops from excessive downloading of music through torrents and the need to perfect and maintain one's iTunes library beyond flawlessness.

One who has iOCD habitually performs the following actions:

- adds perfectly sized, squared, high-contrasted, sharpened album arts to each album/song
- fills in correctly the titles of the songs, artists, album artists, album, composers, track numbers, disk numbers, genre, year, etc, according to the iTunes store (Ex. all words must be capitalized - this includes words like "of," "the" and "a" even though this is grammatically incorrect)
- rates each song according to personal opinion
- backs-up their iTunes library regularly
- adds songs to their iTunes library just for the pretty album art
- deletes songs/albums that clash or interfere with the look of their iTunes library

- willingly lends out their iPod to show off its superiority to other iPods (they are not shyPod)
- looks for flaws in other people's iPods and ridiculing them (Ex. "THIS ALBUM ART IS FUZZY!" or "YOUR 'of' ISN'T CAPITIALIZED!!!"
- frequently describes things as "tacky"
- dissing Windows Media Player

People who have this disorder may experience the following symptoms:

- staying up during ungodly hours looking for flaws in their iTunes library (though they may know that they will not find any)
- having urges to go on the computer just to admire their iTunes
"Loldee has iOCD. She was sleeping over yesterday and she spent the whole night perfecting my iTunes library."

Girl 1 With iOCD: "Your album title is wrong! Coldplay's X & Y should not be like X&Y! It's tacky!"
Girl 2 With iOCD: -checks iTunes store- "ZOMG! YOU'RE RIGHT!" -freaks out-

Girl 3 With iOCD: -checks out Dominique's iPod- "WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY ALBUM ARTS?!"
Dominique: "How do you do that?"
Girl 3 With iOCD: "AHHH!" -dies-

Girl 4 With iOCD: -looking at Felix's iPod and sees song title 'internetfile_01'- "WHAT IS THIS!"

Kirk: "What happened?!"
by Loldee February 02, 2009
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Imaginary obsessive compulsive disorder often times the person harasses people about.
A hole "EWWWW You spit on me you know I have OCD!"
Me "NO BItch you have IOCD!"
by The Unkown J March 17, 2015
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or Itunes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

the inability to just put songs into itunes and leave them as they are.

needing to check and recheck that all artist, album, album cover, and song name information is correct.
person 1: "What did you do last night?"
person 2: "Organized my Itunes. I have IOCD."

girl 1: "What did you and john do at your house yesterday?"
girl 2: "Gah! Nothing! All he did was sit at my computer and give into his IOCD"
girl 1: "His what?"
by Sebastian Pritchard March 23, 2008
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Ipod Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- Symptoms include: having to have cover art on every song on their ipod, making sure at all times that ones ipod will never get scratched, never taking ones ipod out of it's protective case of some kind and making sure that every song has an album and the correct songname/artist before it goes onto the ipod.
Sammy has got such severe IOCD that he cried when his ipod screen got scratched.
by JeSuisJesus April 05, 2009
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