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An Apple fan so indoctrinated to believe the superiority of Apple-brand products that they refuse to see that Apple products are either outdated compared to non-Apple products, overpriced, or often both.
Computer expert: As a rule of thumb, you can buy twice the computer for your money if you build it yourself than if you buy, say, a Dell.
Computer layman: Wow, really?
Interjecting iDrone: Maybe you should try a Mac!
Computer expert: ...Compared to Macs, three times as much computer.
by Madcat221 October 20, 2013
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A person so attached to their iPhone they pay little attention to anything going on around them.
Richard: Stephen
Richard: Hey Stephen
Iain: You won't get a response from that iDrone, he ignores everything when he uses that iPhone
by iainpb July 23, 2008
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An iDrone is a person who has become an iPod addict. An iDrone will listen to an iPod everywhere, even in the most inappropriate places, and usually for extended lengths of time. Normal ipod environments include the gym, school, airplane, bus, etc... An inappropriate environment would be at the supermarket, at dinner with family, a bar, or anywhere social interaction is expected.
Have you noticed all those people walking around campus on their iPods? They were walking around like a bunch of iDrones!
by Benjamin Sharkey April 10, 2007
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