Phrase used whenever someone says something that's offensive, or hurtful, mean etc. It's is used to automatically erase what was just said, as if the person never said it.
Guy #1:

Ey dog I would love to fuck the shit outta your little sister.

Guy #2: WTF did you just say????

Guy #1: I'm just saying.....

Guy #2: oh ok...kool
by 40 ounce bandit May 15, 2009
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A phrase used in the movie "Fired Up" by Sylvia (Marg Harshman) who says very weird sayings and right after says "I'm just saying"
Person 1: What does the other team have that we don't have?
Person 2: Better cheering, hair, ass
Sylvia: Big Ass titties
Person 1+2: What?
Sylvia: I'm just saying

Sean: Let's be cocky bitches!
Everyone: Yahh!!
Sylvia: I want to cut the blonde one
Everyone: What?
Sylvia: I'm just saying
by imjustsaying266 November 21, 2009
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This is a phrase often used when a person is being accused of something or is said to offend someone unknowingly, while stating something.
Sarah: "Your shirt is Purple"
Lyndsay: "No it isn't"
Sarah: "It is Isn't it Alex?"
Alex nods.
Lydsay(frustrated): "Whatever it's not a big deal."
Sarah: "I'm just saying"
by CCWoodson December 03, 2008
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Insulting someone, while still being polite.
Guy: Tiffany's ugly as shit.
Guy 2: wait, what?
Guy: I'm not saying, I'm just saying
Guy 2: eh, guess you're right. She is pretty fucking ugly
by Aimy M. April 11, 2014
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An expression to be used prior to a statement that
a) though delivered with good intentions, may potentially sound critical or
b) points out that you were correct (assuming you were initially doubted)

May also be used interchangeably with the term "baby Jesus"
"I'm not saying I'm Jesus...I'm just saying that you should probably turn right at the next light"

"I'm not saying I'm baby Jesus...I'm just saying that you got a ticket for parking there (like I said you would)"
by MissMelanieG January 13, 2009
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