Got me fucked up

When your friend or significant other does something you are just not ok with. Its got you fucked up. Thus, you say "gmfu."
1."Ay bro bro I just bought the freshest aqua skinny jeans."


2. "I got a midget pregnant."

by Braaandon October 11, 2009
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Hey, I'm already drunk, but do you want to do a shot so we can g.m.f.u?

Can also be chanted....G.m.f.u! G.m.f.u!
by Varnessa January 12, 2008
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Good morning, fuck you. For whenever you're in a bad mood in the morning, and someone tries to talk to you. This is how to get them to go the hell away.
"Hey, sorry about last night, but how you doin' today?"
"Isnt it a wonderful day today?"
by treghost May 10, 2015
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