The first element, with only 1 proton and 1 electron, that loves to bond with every element it can. It is also highly flammable.
Teacher: Class, what's the first element on The Periodic Table?
Class: Helium!
Teacher: No, try again.
Class: Hydrogen!
Teacher: Good job, class!
by Cross-Universal May 18, 2018
A suggestion considered when sober. This suggestion is often used when one is sober and thinks to what his/hers high self would do. Adapted from the word ¨High suggestion ¨ which said repeatedly can emulate the word ¨Hydrogen¨.
I was solving a puzzle with Alexis and got stuck until she pitched me a hydrogen that we could do the corners first.
by matthewleeeeeeeee January 11, 2022
Element number one, is in the group other non-metals (alongside C, N, O, P, S, Se), has an atomic weight of 1.00974 amu, a hexagonal crystal structure, and a atomic radius of 53 picometers (pm). It is found the Sun, and was once used in blimps, before helium as used.
The people who inflate the blimps knew hydrogen (H) is reactive, so they went helium (He) for blimps, which is non-flammable.
by MidnightStar18 February 2, 2019
a flammable liquid, containing hydrogen.
the liquid is hydrogenous, thus it is flammable and shall light when put to a naked flame.
by MathIsTooHard October 30, 2013
The term "hydrogen hydroxide" means a hydrogen ion (H+) bonded to a hydroxide ion (OH-). when you put those together, you get H-O-H, which is of course H2O, which is water!
Dude, I need some hydrogen hydroxide!


Hydrogen hydroxide. . . . You know? A hydrogen ion and a hydroxide ion bonding? H2O? WATER?

by Ubiquitousian March 29, 2011
A scientific word for water. H2O. Not to be confused with deuterium oxide, which is heavy water (D2O).
A: I filled these ballons with hydrogen oxide.
B:What's that?
A:It's water.
by HawaiianPunch1 July 31, 2010