A gas which is highly flammable, toxic and smelly in nature. By fermenting poo you can make some of this.
It is used to describe:
1. Some useless thing which is only used to detect danger. (It has strong odor and highly toxic)
2. Something really cringeworthy with a notable presence. (A revolting odor with toxin)
3. Really annoying thing you cannot get rid of. (It's a gas)
4. Convincing them to suicide, by intaking this gas, which will kill you in minutes.
5. Describing things that belongs to a lower class, as hydrogen sulfide is present near ocean beds to feed the organisms down there, which is low-class.
In chemistry its formula is H2S.
The PewDiePie fanbase is getting cancerous as ever, it is nothing other than hydrogen sulfide.
by A dying goat September 08, 2017
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