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Possibly the most EXCITING place in alabama.
First of all there is a hill there. Second of all, there are giant rockets on it that you can see from miles away. Also there are a zillion chain resturants and many mighty fine office parks. There is even (dun, dun, DUNNN!) an art museum in downtown. And, just wait until Christmastime when 12-ft tall lighted figurines pepper the residential neighborhoods with their awesome, albeit unnerving, glow of holiday cheer. Yee hohoho!!!!
Huntsville is like New Jersey, except in the South. So, basically, the radio stations are worse and the roads are better.
by creaternity April 19, 2006
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Huntsville is a rather charming shithole with a rich history of executing folks and propelling its citizens into what will become a lifetime struggle with alcoholism. Que sera, sera.

Huntsville lost out to Austin for the capital way back in the day, which means that it could now be the live music capital of the world and all that stuff, but totally isn't, though you can go to the Stardust Room on whichever night and hear seriously subpar jazz improv shit.

Oh well. Live by the Ville, die by the Ville. Word is bond.
I strangled thirteen hookers in Dallas with an eight-gauge wire and now I'm being shipped off to Huntsville to die.
by Dr. Wonderdick December 15, 2007
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The most boring place on earth where the only reason it is here is because of the college Sam Houston. No one can explain why it gets so deserted on the weekends for being a college town.
This can be called the mostboring place on earth! Huntsville is the most boring place on earth.
by Rev001 December 06, 2005
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A moderately sized city in Northern Alabama. If you are looking to relocate here or visit, please don't - I warn you it's a shithole. If you are traveling through the South, be sure to avoid Huntsville at all costs. And just like almost every city in Alabama; this one is far worse- but the city pf Huntsville AL is an absolute shithole; along with Chattanooga, Tennessee. (but Huntsville is far worse than even 'Nooga.) The city is full of Protestant Christian douches (rednecks) who are Centrists but ironically vote more Democrat than Republican. (liberal christian redneck types - but not smart enough to be Libertarians. - Just the Democrat/Republican bottom-feeding types.) And just like Chattanooga, lots of the white people here are wiggers and act black and listen to Southern Hip Hop only to want to look cool, to their black friends.

It's filled with shitty and super annoying college football lovers (i.e. "Alabama Roll Tide") bandwagoners. Who often wear Roll-tide Tshirts to make themselves look cool while they bash LSU and Louisiana. Basically, it's like a college city of pseudo-educated hick douchebags; filled with a hint of both nasty Liberal elitism and Southern redneckism. A wannabe New England town, stark in-between Buttfuck nowhere Appalachian South.
Huntsville, Alabama is where self-hating Liberal white trash go to look V.I.P. and sophisticated in a Southern state. The whole place is snooty and full of fake people (transplants) who just moved there to look civilized and cool. The people (especially the women here) are usually average to ugly in terms of looks, but a lot of the women are sluts and swingers.

It is basically a city of people (transplants) that couldn't afford to live in more richer or fancier cities in the South, like Asheville, Atlanta or Knoxville. The suckier people. etc
by hexaGonmeN December 26, 2018
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Melissa and Laurie: What are you doing this weekend, Chris?

Chris: I'm going home to Huntsville
Melissa and Laurie: Wow you're a fuckface
by secretgirl92 October 12, 2011
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