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An expression of disapproval from a female in relation to a suggested sexual partner.

ETYMOLOGY: From "computer says no", which is a commonly repeated quote on the television series Little Britain.
"He's very nice, but I just can't go there... cunt says no!"
by Bonhilda September 28, 2009
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"She said what?! Fucking smash!"

"I can't wait until tonight! Fucking smash!"
by Bonhilda September 27, 2009
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"Are you coming out to hunt some meat tonight?"
by Bonhilda September 28, 2009
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1. To take a person's virginity (generally with their consent).

2. To detract from something that has overall positive qualities.

ETYMOLOGY: from "innocent". American variation: uninnocentize.
"I uninnocentised him."

"Don't uninnocentise my favourite dish with that disgusting cheese!"
by Bonhilda October 1, 2009
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1. To successfully assault contemptible persons.

2. To penetrate a woman's vagina in a rough manner (generally with her consent).

3. To drink copious amounts of alcohol.

4. To put great effort into an activity. It can applied to any type of activity, as long as the person doing the activity has given it everything they've got.

ETYMOLOGY: Fucking smash
"I told him I like it rough, so he really smashed my cunt!"

"Are you coming out to smash cunts tonight?"

"I smashed that exam right in the cunt!"
by Bonhilda September 27, 2009
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1. What bitter single people celebrate on Valentine's Day.

2. What casual sex partners celebrate on Valentine's Day.

3. What crass people celebrate on Valentine's Day.

ETYMOLOGY: From "Valentine's Day".
by Bonhilda February 14, 2010
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