A girl who lies unprovoked... and breaks hearts constantly
by Mr Frey33456 October 17, 2019
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It is an enduring term when referring to a friend or mate. It is a short version of hunny
by maria gonzalis April 12, 2018
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They go to the shitehole ibrox Park every Saturday
Huns is smelly rangers fans whose club are dead
by Se680an June 01, 2019
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Someone who shills for a Multi-Level Marketing (pyramid scheme) company. Derived from their use of the word when calling out potential victims through social media.
Karen is a whacky hun. Check out this text she sent me: β€œHey hun! I hope you’re well. Interested in buying Mary Kay today?”
by LoJoBo August 08, 2019
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Short for hunny but Can be offensive When used in a pejorative way , like you wanna sound nice in the bitchiest way possible.
Uh excuse hun, you're in my way.
No hun, thats my man.
by AmlyknoOtha December 29, 2020
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Norwegian word for "She"
"Hun er en jente", translates to "she is a girl"
by thegalaxy2012 September 09, 2017
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