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When you're suck two dicks in your mouth at the same time and start humming the star spangled banner.
Jenny gave Steve and I a humburger at the party last night.
by wiki-diki May 13, 2018
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A very disgruntled expression, humburgers are truly unpleasant.
When Bush won the 2004 election, John Kerry let out an exasperated 'bah humburgers!'
by Ruum December 01, 2004
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Chowing down on a hamburger while a girl is enjoying your cock meat sandwich.

In honor of RJ Umberger, go Flyers! YEP!
While watching the Flyers and eating a Bubba burger, I received a humburger from my slampig as Umberger scored the winning goal.
by YEP Logjammer May 03, 2008
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