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A sexual encounter in which one man is nude between two girls (or one girl between two men), all three engaged in sexual acts.

We went to bed and I got myself into a meat sandwich between Ana and Sylvia.
by nightvisitor January 26, 2008
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A vagina that looks well used, with labia and bits hanging out.
"some guys like a real meat sandwich pussy but not me, I'm more of an envelope sorta guy"
by neak August 31, 2008
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Meat Sandwich is the sneaky way of saying Vagina or most commonly Pussy.
Bob: Hey Dan

Dan: What

*Some lady walks by*

Bob: Uh.. I ate Stacy's Meat Sandwich last night

Dan: ok
by RedKazooie64 April 18, 2018
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That ex girlfriend that you know is toxic. But she comes around... it’s getting smashed
That Jenny is a real pressed meat sandwich.
by TheManagement October 10, 2019
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With a group of 4 of more, select the person with the largest ass to serve as the sandwich bun. Then, layer as many flaccid penises between the cheeks as will fit to create the loose meat sandwich. For flavor, drizzle the sandwich with secret sauce. Hint: The secret sauce is jizz.
Whenever I'm in Iowa, I like to indulge in a giant loose meat sandwich, preferably with secret sauce.
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3 way sex involving MFM or MMM. The F or M meat in the sandwich takes one in the mouth and one in the vagina or ass. Also known as a spit roast.
Randy and Thomas gave Vanessa the old hard meat sandwich in the pool house at Lisa’s party.

Last night I was the meat in a hard meat sandwich. My throat is raw and so is my ass. I got railed.
by Dick Onchin October 8, 2020
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(noun) kok-meet-sand-wich

A type of blowjob that involves two persons sucking another one's balls at the same time, thus sandwiching the penis, or the "meat". This term was created by an awesome movie called "Harold & Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay"
Example 1: Hey girls! Wanna give me a Cock Meat Sandwich instead of you each taking turns giving me a blowjob?
Example 2:

Big Bob - So are ya'll ready for your Cock Meat Sandwich?
Harold -
Big Bob - Well ya'll better get down quick! 'Cause i gotta whole lotta sandwich for ya'll....(cock comes out).

later on...

Kumar - So are you a homosexual for making us suck your dick?
by Charles U. May 17, 2008
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