Verb. To level to the ground or absolutely destroy a person or thing to the extent where they or it is rendered useless.

Synonyms: ruin, crush, demolish, murder, kill.

This term came into the hockey chirp lexicon directly after the events of April 22, 2006 when Buffalo Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell caught Philadelphia Flyers forward R.J. Umberger breaking out of his zone with his head down at which point Umberger was laid out with a hit so big that it left him wondering what the Zamboni was doing on the ice with 8:33 left in OT.
1: "If that plug doesn't stop slashing me I'm going to umberger him."
2: "My defense partner put a guy on the trolley tracks, so I umbergered him."
3: "I wasn't paying attention crossing the road and almost got umbergered by a bus."
4: R.J.Umberger was umbergered so hard that he did not know he was umbergered right after he got umbergered.
by SGIGS May 10, 2008
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In reference to the body check Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell laid on Flyers R.J. Umberger in the 2006 NHL Playoffs. When someone or something gets up-ended or completely levelled. Destoryed.
Brian: "Yo, did you see that building get imploded yesterday?"
Nick: "Yeah man, that thing was totally Umbergered"
by Kleijd46 May 23, 2007
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1)advrb. Term used describe an individual who has been knocked stupid and completely senseless. alludes to, but may not always pertain to, a well-executed hockey body check on an unexpecting opponent.
2)vr. The act or process of impairing another individual through sudden and forceful contact or collision.
3)The consequence one pays for not being ready or prepared. (ie. skating with your head down)
4)Total domination of one team or group over another

In reference to Buffalo Sabres' Defenseman Brian Campbell's monster hit on Philadelphia Flyers Winger RJ Umberger in the first round (game 1)of the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Wide-eyed and unable to close his mouth (an image most associated with 'baby time') Umberger was left motionless on the HSBC ice with a mild concussion. Fortunately for RJ, his career resumed in game 3.
"Murph's not a pretty sight right now. He just got umbergered at center ice."
"Our class completely umbergered Miss Anderson's class in the school spelling bee last year."
"I got umbergered in the face with a rock"
by Justin "Irish Mick" November 3, 2006
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A drone enthusiast who spends hours in wheat fields looking at the sapphire blue sky hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabled drone
I wish I could go drone hunting with a Daniel Umberger
by Drone hunter February 4, 2017
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