Another word for angry. Someone who gets bitchy and whines about anything.
(Often used by someone who is calm towards someone who is a little upset)
Quaneesha: GOD-DAAAAAYAM, I's be outta colt fo-tay fiiiiiiiive, didchu draaaaank mah last fo-tay?!
John: Oh, yeah I think I did. Sorry, I'll buy some more.
Quaneesha: AWWWWWW FUCKIN SONABEEEEAAAATCH! I wuz needin me sum of dat shizzzz, cuz mah waaaah-eeeave be makin mah heeeead hurt!
John: OK geez, don't get all huffy puffy with me.
Quaneesha: Wha da heeeeeeeeeell?? Wha duz dat sheeeeeet mean? YOU BE RACIST!
John: There you go, gettin all huffy puffy again.
Quaneesha: Fuck dis shiz , go get me mah fo-tay, playa!
by TheOrangeKrushOne March 29, 2004
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when you smoke entire joint while riding your bike without taking your hands off the handle bars.
woo wee I almost passed out but that was one nice 10 mile huffy puffy.
by gamewardenweeeeedtheif November 9, 2021
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to be tired and puffed from any form of movement or exercise aswell as becoming agitated or angry at something or someone 
prim was getting very huffy puffy at milz
all this cha cha is making me huffy puffy
by primmg April 28, 2008
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Another word for hyperventilating, makes your body do extrodinary things like running much faster than you normally do and having faster reactions than normal.

To do the Huffy Puffy you first inhale large breaths and exhale large breaths until you feel dizzy, then you hold your breath and clench all the mucles in your body that you possibly can and then you will feel like your high and your body will do amazingly amazing things that you never thought possible!

This usually lasts for 1-2 minutes, if riding a bike when doing the huffy puffy, you should expect the person to fall over while still on the bike when this process has finished.

please note :
* If the person was in an angry mood when they started to do the Huffy Puffy it might result in the person trying to fight everyone or just one person, if this happens carefully put the person in a headlock until process is over.
* If riding a bike when doing the huffy puffy, you should expect the person to fall over while still on the bike when this process has finished.
* I do not recommend that anyone does this that is under the age of 13, not sure but may lead to brain damage.
* Usually the person that will not remember what they were doing during the 1-2 minutes whil doing the Huffy Puffy.
* I will not be held responsible for anyone dying, hurting themselves, having a concussion, getting brain damage, basically any change to the person in the time from before doing the Huffy Puffy and after it has finished.

dont worry kids, the writing above has a small chance of actually happening but they still apply.

The Huffy Puffy is not to be confused with getting high and does not use any drugs.


Andrew: Want to do the Huffy Puffy together to see who can run faster Patrick?
Patrick: Ok, i bet you i will win!
Andrew: Yeah right, You're on.
Both:(in the process of the Huffy Puffy)
Both:(go back to normal in approximately 2-3 seconds and both wondering where they are)
Both:(worked out where they are)
Andrew: Ok, that was fun.(both go inside).
by sNiZzLe_BoT April 14, 2008
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Do not do the huffy puffy!!!! you can get brain damage and die!!!
i am not joking around!!! the huffy puffy can kill!!!
by DO NOT DO IT April 14, 2008
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Someone who makes you cringe a lot. Makes you think of huffy puffy.
Ooh...he makes me cringe, he must be a huffy puffy junior.
by lol@u;) October 27, 2016
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To audibly express upset or displeasure by passive aggressive huffing and puffing deeply to be heard but not actually asserting or verbalizing disagreement
Uh oh Karen begins me has a case of the huffy-puffies from my whispering during the montage in this movie.
by Drwklew May 9, 2020
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