the greatest movie of all time directed by george lucas in 1986 a film that rivals morbius in its swagger
person 1"did you see howard the duck" person 2" yes its underrated and poggers"
The long-awaited, highly anticipated sequel to the 1986 Smash Hit, record setting Box Office blowout, Lea Thompson career setting movie, Howard The Duck. It's set for release,.... Tomorrow from the day you're reading this! Just Remember, "In The Beginning, There was (*BOOM!*) Howard The Duck!"
Howard the Duck.....Yeah.....That movie sucked ass.
by G-Union October 29, 2003
When your girlfriend comes home drunk from the bar and gets stuck in the toilet with the seat up and you have to pull her out.
John had to pull a Howard the Duck on Robin when she came home all shitty last night and fell in the can.
by Bariatrocity April 30, 2018