describes any person, place, thing, or act that is thought to be perverted, nasty, sexual, etc., etc.

phrase was first coined when dirty acts were performed in the back row
omg, that movie was soooo back row!

omg, that girl is soooo back row!

by Chrisse June 27, 2008
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1. The best place to fuck
2. Fuck the back row
Audience: Where's the best place to fuck?
Lips: In the back row,
Front Row: Fuck the back row!
Back Row: Fuck the Front Row!
Front and Back Row: Fuck ALL the rows!
by Chartoosie October 17, 2013
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student that sits in the back row of lecture and does other homework, texts, eats, or anything other than paying attention to what's going on. Does better than you in the class.
student 1: "Yooo check out that chick sitting all the way in the back of lecture with her ipod and aviators"

student 2: "Yeah, and she beat the class average on that exam by like 30 points"

student 1: "She's a back row baller, fer sure."
by laxgal12 October 20, 2008
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A rule stating that if you sit in the back row of a movie theatre, you intend not to watch the movie, but preform sexual acts with a partner.
Mike and I saw Baby Driver on Friday and made out during it. Back Row Rule!
by OhYeaMrWhizzer September 5, 2017
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Free will baptist who sit in the back row to sleep and hope to not get called out
I’m a back row baptist you know where I’m sitting!!
by Willy0028 November 18, 2017
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Somebody who takes gum out of the back of the package of gum before taking those at the front.
me- Dude I handed her my pack of stride gum and she took from the back row while four perfectly good pieces sat int he front.
Steve- wow what a back row hoe
me- I know right?!
by ((I'm-watching-you)) February 21, 2010
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When you're in class or a room and you're at the back of the class because you're the dopest dude in the whole room. Also it's optional to give hard looks at other people the whole time but not necessary to be back row thuggin
"hey jim did you see brad come in to this lecture today"
"yeah man he's back row thuggin don't stare at him"
by brethasbones November 26, 2012
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