An over-populated town/city that mooches off every other county in its region. If any insults are directed towards Southern California, Moreno Valley is literally the scapegoat. I always have to describe it as "a little more past Riverside."

Day Street is probably the only good place in Moreno Valley, but technically, Day Street is part of Riverside (city).

That are actually half-million dollar homes here, but of course, nobody can afford them. The only people who buy them are buying them as secondary property.
Moreno Valley isn't even on the map. It really isn't.
by Dranakin September 1, 2004
You are not a career criminal just because you steal from the Moreno Valley Mall. A town where below the 60 it's all the black and Mexican dudes living with their moms and above the 60 it's all the fat Mexican chicks that they got pregnant living on HUD. Baby mama drama capital of the United States. Where tortas cannot wait to loan their boyfriends their Toyota Corolla to go cheat on them while they're at work. Middle class white dudes act like they are from the ghetto but they're actually from Perris. Where the women on the daily act more stuck up than they should because their boyfriends are actually the dudes that are acting ghetto. A large portion of the population here supports only fans. Latino dudes will jack you if you try to buy drugs, and a cholo hookers will try to jack you the same. Town is too close to banning for comfort. I the bars definitely have tortas thinking they are prettier than they really are when they all go home with the same black dudes at the end of the night. ( shark Bar) the STD rate always surprisingly high i'm surprising because of all the failed cosmetology students it's still where the scrubs around town.
If you are from the IE your baby mama most likely is from Moreno Valley california.
by B-locz December 28, 2022
City full of dirty beaners and doo doos! Also, nicknamed "Murder Val" because of the common occurrence of murders in the city. A place tourists should NOT visit!!
Person 1: Why is Moreno Valley, California so lame?

Person 2: Cause of all the damn Beaners and doo doo mamas!!
by vhbdsupogfvo April 12, 2011