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The name given to the year or often a longer period of time that posh kids spend traveling the world using daddies money after leaving their expensive private school. Immortalised by the quality Unexpected Items Youtube video mocking the higher classes of society.
"Oh no, Tarquin, I can't come shopping on the King's road today, yeah, cos I'm literally on Burma, yah, I'm on my Gap Yah at the moment."

"I cant believe you said that, cos that really reminds me of this time on my Gap Yah, yah, I was in Africa, in Tanzania."

"It's funny you should say that cos it really reminds me of this time now, yah, cos I'm still on my Gap Yah, yah, I'm in Burma on this kind of spiritual, cultural, political exchange thing."
by el mas grande March 22, 2010
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The pronunciation of "Gap Year" but for people from families of large income and have no real appreciation of the world apart from their wallets.
by dictionagay March 20, 2010
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A year which upper-class college graduates take to volunteer in less fortunate countries helping orphans, in hope of improving their C.V for future career opportunities.

The phrase was originally defined by the dictionary, however a more detailed explanation has been provided by Youtube.
"No no Tarquin I can't go shopping on the King's see I'm on my Gap Yah"

"On my Gap Yah I saw this woman and she had malaria and she looked at me with this vacant stare as if to say you and I are one with kindred spirits"

"I'm on my Gap Yah on this spiritual, cultural, political exchange thing"

"On my Gap Yah I was so lashed, I was like Lash Gordon, eating bangers and lash... I was literally wearing a lashmina"
by Bantahsaurus Rex November 18, 2010
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