A literal sunshine, full of warmth,love and smiles. Needs to be appreciated more. An amazing dancer and always trying to set a good mood so everyone will be happy.
Jin: Hoseok can you help me with this?
Hoseok: Yeah, of course, right away :D
by Hyerin December 25, 2016
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jung hoseok is everyons sunshine. he's our hope, he's our angel..j-hoooooooope
by min yoongi's wife July 7, 2018
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hoseok, a man of a band called BTS. he is a literal ray and ball of sunshine. You will get blinded by his beauty, if u don't then ur blind already. But, he always love to help others. And he loves to make other people happy before him self with his cute heart shaped smile. He is the golden hyung, as JK is the golden maknae. Hoseok has always kept his emotions last, making the rest his first priority and to make them happy. He clearly doesn't get the recognition he deserves and is hated on currently. His voice is truly amazing, he is an amazing and above average dancer. He can sing, rap, dance, producing songs, make anyone smile and everything. He is as good as jungkook and the rest. He maybe weak in a few areas like the others but he's a human and we all make mistakes and everything. He's an amazing person, who deserves more recognition for his work. He has such a kind heart and probably a huge heart. He's always smiling and helping everyone although he maybe broken inside he never shows his broken side in order for others to be happy. He may be a strict dance teacher and maybe he alot serious when it comes to work or dancing but that's how he is and we should love him. The way he is.
taehyung: hoseokie hyung! can you help me carry this inside?

hoseok: I'll be right there! :D
taehyung: Thank you hyung! You have such a big heart, you always help me!

hoseok: Aish Tae, that's no problem
by sewmi May 5, 2020
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Jung Hoseok is an Amazing Beautiful human being. He's very bright and bubbly and deserves the whole world. He's the literal Sun. Everytime he breathes the stars shine brighter than yesterday. Everytime he smiles the universe is thrown off balance. Everytime he dances people can't help but stop and stare. He is beauty, grace, affection, and love. He is....Breathtaking.
God I can't help but love Hoseok.
by A.N.Y October 1, 2017
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a literal sunshine. he is amazing and so handsome. he is a great dancer. he makes everyone laugh. he can light up a whole room. he is very fashionable too
by btsjhope November 17, 2018
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Also known as J-Hope, he is literally a perfect ball of sunshine who can make your day better. He knows everyone has their own baggage that they carry on thier shoulders, and he's there to help carry them! We love you J-Hope ~
by I'mABTSARMY February 22, 2017
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The actual sun ☀️
A member of the Kpop group called BTS
He will do anything to make others happy which just makes my heart go boom boom💜
Fun fact: Hoseok was originally supposed to be in the vocal line for BTS and Taehyung was supposed to be a rapper but Taehyung wanted to be a vocalist so Hoseok became a rapper and let Taehyubg train to be a vocalist to make Tae happy
by joonieismyshiteu April 1, 2019
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