Korean word meaning "ah crap!" or.. "oh no!"
by YochixB July 18, 2009
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The name of an Arabic fuckboy who treats girls like shit
That guy aish dumped that chick over the phone after saying he loved her yesterday
by I like wearing scrunchies September 23, 2019
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An Indian girl name coming from Aishwarya meaning prosperity. Aish is smart and lively. She is pretty and the life of the house. An extremely chirpy and rational person who is caring and humble. An intelligent girl who is crazy at times. She is loved by people around her.
That mesmerising girl! Oh! She is a true Aish.
by ZoeyJo March 24, 2019
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Aish means baby.
A very beautiful name.
by bebolol February 6, 2010
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the act of smoking marijuana, may be used as a verb noun or adjective
NOUN: hey lets go get some aish and start gettin blown

VERB: lets aish already man,, im gettin bored

ADJECTIVE: man you are such a dam aish head, u aish so muchh
by MOE Memorial August 9, 2005
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pronounced ahh-jjjgge
korean interjection that can be used to express frustration or anger. may be considered a curse word by some
by leschoristes354 September 14, 2010
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This is a slang word used in South Africa. It is roughly equivalent to expressions like "oh dear", "boy oh boy", "wow", "geez", "oh my!".
Aish! I forgot to save my file and now I will have to re-type it all.
by Xaviana December 1, 2003
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